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Thanks, Thanks, Thanks

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From: John

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I was given a chance this past Wednesday (4-5-23) to say why I wished to be part of the group. In effect my answer was: Curiosity. I know and revel in the fact that I have a great deal to learn. I am grateful that you are so willing to be patient with a learner. Of my many faults is the unfortunate attempt to try to know more than I do. Sorry.

I will participate as I am able, with the caveat that Cathy and I live in our cabin near Walker, Minnesota for half of the year, and here at East Terrace Cooperative for the other half of the year. The current schedule is about May 15 to about October 15, depending on the weather.

Echolink may be a possibility when we are up North, as is the DMR talkgroup. Thanks again for having me.

John (N0JLG)




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Sean WilsonRick Wagner

John, it's people like you who are curious and motivated that make the club worth having.   Ham Radio is a long journey. There are so many doors to different technology It would be challenging to be an expert in even some of them.   I hope to get EchoLink operational as a club asset in the near future.   More to learn about that also.   Glad to have you onboard.    - Rick