ARES® (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) consists of licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment with their local ARES® leadership, for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes. For more information about ARES® in Minnesota please go to the web site: and Isanti County is part of the Metro ARES® District in Minnesota.  If you are interested in joining ARES® in Isanti County, please contact Sean Wilson, or email us at

Isanti County ARES®, hereafter referred to as ICARES, is a public service organization, dedicated to serving the communities within Isanti County, working hand-in-hand with local and state governments, the American Red Cross, and other non-profit and community service organizations.

ICARES Members and other Isanti County residents, please take the time to sign up for Everbridge alerts. The previous “CodeRed” system will be discontinued.

ICARES Members:

   Sean Wilson KF0DEK – Emergency Coordinator

  Matt Kohout KF0KYZ – Asst. Emergency Coordinator

    • Bruce WR0P
    • Erik KE0PMW
    • Ervin AE0KE
    • Greg K0GWO
    • Jim N2JIM
    • Jodie KC0MWY
    • Joe KC0SYD
    • John W0RHH
    • Kyle KE0GPI
    • Mike KF0JZZ
    • Pat KF0ACU
    • Peter KE0RUF
    • Robert W0ALS
    • Sean KF0DEK
    • Shane KD9NJJ
    • Shawn KF0DIJ