1. Pursuant to Article VII of the Constitution, the following are the membership requirements of ICRC: a) a Full Member shall hold an amateur radio operator’s license recognized by the United States of America, and each such member shall have one vote; b) an Associate Member may be any person interested in amateur radio.

2. Applicants for membership shall become members unless a majority of the voting members of ICRC present at a regular monthly meeting shall vote to deny the applicant such membership.

3. Any member may be expelled from ICRC upon a two-thirds vote of the voting members present at a regularly scheduled meeting. The member to be expelled must have been given due written notice mailed to their last known address via Certified Mail with Return Receipt at least thirty days in advance and must have an opportunity to be heard at the meeting.


7. All Officers and Directors of ICRC shall be voting members, and shall have held such membership for at least one year prior to election or appointment to office. All Officers shall not be less than eighteen years of age.

8. Each Officer or Director may serve and continue in office until a successor has been elected or appointed, except as provided in Section 25.

9. All Officers and Directors shall serve without compensation.

10. The President shall preside over all meetings of the Executive Committee and of ICRC, shall be subject to instructions from the Executive Committee, shall be the official spokesperson for ICRC, shall co-sign with the Treasurer all checks in amounts of $50.01 and greater, shall execute all official documents adopted by ICRC, and shall perform all other duties customarily pertaining to the office. The appointee shall represent ICRC in its relationship with public and governmental agencies.

11. In the absence or disability of the President, the Vice President shall act in the President’s stead.

12. The Secretary shall record the proceedings of all meetings of the Executive Committee and ICRC, shall submit a summary of the proceedings at each monthly club meeting, which will be made available for club members on ICRC’s website, shall maintain ICRC’s archives, shall maintain the corporate status of ICRC, shall file all non-financial reports and certificates that may be required of ICRC by the laws of the State of Minnesota, and shall perform all other duties customarily pertaining to the office.

13. The Treasurer shall receive all monies due ICRC, depositing such in the name of ICRC in a depository specified by the Executive Committee, shall draw and co-sign with the President checks in payment of obligations in amounts of $50.01 and greater known to be proper and authorized by the Executive Committee, shall draw and sign alone checks in payment of obligations that occur on a regular basis in amounts of $50.00 and less known to be proper and authorized by the Executive Committee, provide updates at monthly club meetings with summary account information made available for members on ICRC’s website, shall supervise and invest any surplus funds of ICRC in a prudent manner with the approval of the Executive Committee, and shall perform all other duties customarily pertaining to the office.

14. The Trustee shall be responsible for the inventory, care and maintenance of all Club property including but not limited to ICRC’s communications equipment, shall insure that all operation of Club communication equipment is in accordance with all rules and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission and with normal amateur practice, shall make recommendations to the Executive Committee and to ICRC on such operation and maintenance, shall be reimbursed for all reasonable expenses associated with such duties, and shall make monthly reports to ICRC on the operation of ICRC’s equipment.

Executive Committee

15. The Executive Committee shall be constituted as provided in Article VI of ICRC Constitution. Election shall be as provided by the portion of the By-Laws entitled Elections.

16. The Executive Committee shall hold an open meeting at least monthly at a time and place designated by the President. The President or a majority of the members of the Committee may call a special meeting of the Executive Committee at any time. The Secretary shall notify each member of the Executive Committee at least seven days before such meeting. A majority of the members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum for any meeting of the Committee.

Club Meetings

17. ICRC shall meet regularly in the evening of the first Wednesday of each month in the vicinity of Isanti, Minnesota at the Whistle Stop Grill inside Junction Bowl in Isanti, MN (123 Cajima St NE, Isanti, MN 55040) or a time and place designated by the President. The Executive Committee may authorize the President to omit regular meetings in July, and August and may permit the regular meeting date to be changed when good cause exists. Due notice shall be provided for all Club meetings by way of announcements at club meetings, on radio nets, and ICRC’s website.

18. A quorum as determined by roll call, shall consist of one tenth of the voting members of ICRC. If a quorum is not present at a regular or special meeting no official action will be taken and will adjourn.

19. No matter deemed substantive by the presiding officer may be voted upon, although it may be introduced and debated, unless it has been presented at the monthly radio club meeting and placed on ICRC’s website at least thirty days before the meeting at which the matter is to be voted upon. The President’s decision may be overruled only by unanimous consent of the members present, in which case the matter must be acted upon within the next two consecutive regularly scheduled Club meetings.

20. Special meetings of ICRC must be called by the President upon a written petition of at least twenty-five percent of the full members. Such a meeting shall be held within fifteen days after presentation of the petition. The Secretary shall give due written notice to the membership of the time, place and subject of such meeting at least seven days in advance of such meeting.

21. On questions of order or procedure not covered by the By-Laws the provisions of the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall prevail.


22. Elections shall be held at the regular Club meeting in November every two years. At this meeting, the membership shall elect the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer. Nominations shall be made by a Nominating Committee appointed by the Executive Committee and presented by the President. Nominations shall also be solicited from the floor at the October meeting and a list of potential Candidates for office shall be published on ICRC’s website 30 days prior to the November meeting during which elections will occur. Club members who cannot attend the November meeting may request an absentee ballot from ICRC Secretary. The ballot must be picked up from the Secretary prior to the November meeting and the rear of the envelope must have the members call sign signature. At the November regular Club meeting additional nominations will be solicited from the floor prior to voting. Vote shall be by secret ballot and shall be tabulated by three disinterested members. Absentee ballots signatures will be authenticated against the club roster and checked against club members who are present. After confirmation, the ballot envelope will be opened and the ballot included with all secret ballots taken during the meeting. The candidate receiving the majority of valid votes cast will be declared the winner. In absence of a majority, the two candidates with the largest number of votes shall participate in a run-off election to be held at the regular November election meeting.

23. Elected and appointed Officers and Directors shall take office on the first day of the following year.

24. Directors shall serve terms of two years. Two shall be elected in the even-numbered years and two shall be elected in the odd-numbered years. In the event more than two positions are vacant, those elected shall draw straws to determine who shall serve one-year terms.

25. In the event of a vacancy in any elected office, whether by resignation, removal, or lack of a willing nominee, the Executive Committee by a majority vote shall appoint a qualified member to such office. At no time shall any member of the Executive Committee have two or more votes, such as that given him or her by proxy for another member.

26. An Officer or Director may be removed from office before the expiration of his or her term of office by a vote of two-thirds of the voting membership present at a regular or special meeting called for such purpose. A motion for such removal may be made by any voting member or by the Executive Committee. Such consideration for removal is defined as a substantive matter and shall be governed by the provisions of Section 19. An Officer or Director position shall be considered vacant if the holder of the position is absent at three consecutive Executive Committee or regular Club meetings, or five such meetings in one calendar year.

Other Matters

27. The President, with the approval of the rest of the Executive Committee, may appoint such committees as may be needed for the proper operation of ICRC. Such committees shall serve at the pleasure of the Executive Committee. Standing Committees include, but are not limited to, Membership Committee, Newsletter Committee, Awards Committee, Technical Committee, and the Volunteer Examiner Team.

28. ICRC shall maintain an official website which will provide a forum for club information such as meeting minutes, financial reports, upcoming elections/nominees, training opportunities, club activities, and notice of any impending action that is required by the By-Laws. This notice shall be deemed to have been given by publication on the website. Actions taken at each meeting of ICRC shall be reported/updated on the website.

29. These By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of all voting members of ICRC or, provided due notice of the proposed amendment shall have been posted on the website or emailed at least thirty days before the regularly scheduled meeting of ICRC at which such proposed amendment is to be voted upon, by a two-thirds vote of the voting members present at such meeting.

Duly adopted this 10/18/2021 by a majority vote of attending members.
Isanti County Radio Club.


Jodie Showalter KC0MWY, Secretary
Todd Guse KC0NTP, President

A signed copy available to view here: ICRC-Bylaws.pdf