ARES Deployment Vests

ARES  Deployment Vest

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ARES Deployment Vest

Mesh vest with large front and back reflector panels. Pocket with ARES logo and mike clip on front and imprinted with “AMATEUR RADIO EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS” on the back side.

Note: ARES Standardized Apparel

ARES members, while activated, deployed, in community service activities or otherwise on duty shall wear over their normal apparel, at minimum, a florescent green ANSI Class 2 reflective, 100% polyester vest.

The vest shall be decorated in the following manner:

On the Back:
In minimum 2″ lettering, Arial Black font, black in color, imprinted above the horizontal reflective tape:


Those in a leadership position may add their title (SEC, DIRECTOR, EC, PIO, etc) below the words “Emergency Communications” in not less than 3″ tall font, black. (Under the lower reflective stripe).

Local jurisdictions may elect to add their organization name above the words “Amateur Radio” with no larger than 1″ Arial Black lettering, color black.

On the Front:
On the Left Chest, the ARES logo, minimum 3.5-inch diameter, black in color, negative background.
The Right Chest shall remain blank so as to allow wearer to affix their ARES or ARRL name badge.

Vests may have zip or Velcro type front closures. Members may choose vests with or without pockets, at their own discretion. Other apparel, such as short and long sleeve tee shirts, jackets and coats are approved for member use as long as the garments meet the same color, ANSI Class 2, lettering and decoration standard. A waiver of this standard may be given by an SEC for specific purposes with good cause.

We know that many people already have some form of special clothing they purchased. As these are worn out they should be replaced with clothing meeting the new standards.

Google ‘ARES VESTS’ for many options.

2023 ARRL Field Day

Please join us on 24, 25 June at Vegsund County Park for the Annual ARRL Field Day!

The Isanti County Radio Club will be there with radios set up showing:

  • contesting
  • making long-distance contacts
  • communicating with digital modes
  • explaining emergency communications
  • other cool topics

Come learn about Amateur Radio and just hang out and have fun with us!

The ICRC Field Day begins at 10 am on Saturday and runs through the night until 12 pm Sunday.   Participants camp overnight in their personal campers, tents, or vans and provide their own meals, and beverages  There is no power grid electricity at the location.  Part of the emergency preparedness aspects demonstrated is using temporary lodging, emergency power to operate HAM radio equipment, making radio contacts locally and outside of the area, and preparing meals outdoors without electrical grid power.  The park does have restrooms.
ARRL Field day includes a DX fun contest for making contacts.

Other Information:

Update: (05/03/23)

Authorization to start using the park for setup on Friday June 23 at 6pm has been approved.  Also, a clarification was made that all vehicles, campers, screen tents, etc must remain on the asphalt.   No sleeping in tents – hard-sided RVs only.  (Yes, It would be a good question)  (bears?)

  • Cell phone users will find signal availability at the park spotty and may need to relocate to get a signal.
  • Participants should have contingencies in mind to deal with high winds for antennas, canopies, etc.
  • Severe weather may require cancelation or termination of the event. This will be decided by the SkyWarn team or Project captain on the ground at the time or before the event.
  • It is a small parking lot. Keep in mind that residents use the park for walking and recreation and will require adequate parking spaces near the building.   Field Day participants should set up on the West end of the parking lot.
  • Any tripping hazards ie guy wires or antennas should be marked with ribbons or cones.
  • Consider bringing fishing equipment, bicycles, kites, skateboards, or other playthings for children.
  • Mosquitos, bugs, and wood ticks can be a problem.  Be prepared.
  • There is little natural shade.  Be prepared to create your own.

Parking Area:

Designated Event Captain:

Erik Holm – KE0PMW

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2023 ARRL Field Day Contest Rules