There are two classes of Membership to the Isanti County Radio Club – Voting Member and Associate Member.   Described as follows:

Voting Members shall hold a valid amateur radio operator’s license recognized by the FCC, and each such member shall have one vote.  A Voting Member is qualified by having:

Participated in at least 3 weekly net check-ins using the club net logs as the definitive source, over the previous 12-month period and must meet this qualification annually to retain voting privileges. Must be current and in good standing for any dues, assessments or fees that have been defined.

Or, have served previously as an officer of the Club and in good standing with any dues, assessments or fees that have been defined.

An Associate Member may be any person interested in amateur radio and wishes to be included on the Club mailing list and participate in Club activities.

Applicants for membership shall become members as of the next regular club meeting unless a majority of the members of ICRC Board votes to reject the membership application prior to the next regular monthly meeting.  The rejected applicant will be notified either formally or informally prior to or during the next regular monthly meeting and any prepaid money refunded.

Currently, there are no dues, assessments or fees.   This will change in the future.

ICRC requires Members to be bound by a Code of Ethics

We have the responsibility to conduct ourselves in a manner that reflects proper ethical behavior and integrity. In so doing, we will help foster a continuing positive public perception of our club. Therefore, if the Code of Ethics are not followed it could result in your immediate dismissal from the club with a majority vote from the officers.

Equality – Everyone involved in Amateur Radio should be treated equally and respectfully no matter the class of license they hold.

Respect – Respect others by not acting in a way that lessens the pleasure of others; Never harass, intimidate, trash-talk, deconstruct or threaten fellow members of the club. Build others up. Be a good example. Criticize respectfully and constructively.

Diversity — We benefit from our diversity in all forms. Respect race, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, culture, custom and intellect.

Language and Interaction – Avoid disparaging speech on or off the air. Accept that the opinions of others will differ. Debate respectfully and be prepared to listen to other perspectives.

All modes — There is no ‘real’ amateur radio. We accept, celebrate and learn from all aspects of the hobby: from the ancient to current, from the pointless to life-saving.

Inclusivity — Act to include others always. Understand that participation in the club and the hobby is more difficult for some people and we aim to use our capacity to act inclusively.

Amateur Radio — We are an Amateur Radio club and thus the majority of our discourse is about Amateur Radio. The following are not acceptable: derogatory remarks, disrespect directed at any group or person.

Majority decision-making prevails – Present your proposals and arguments as robustly as you like in a respectful way, but work shoulder-to-shoulder once the decision has been made.

Be LOYAL — offer encouragement and support for the club and to others in the club and never put the club or club members down.

Be FRIENDLY — with slow and patient operation, friendly advice and counsel to the beginner, kindly assistance, cooperation, and consideration for the interests of others. These are the hallmarks of the amateur spirit.

Be BALANCED — Ham Radio is a hobby never interfering with duties owed to family, job, school or community.

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