2022 Birkie/Kortie Race

This February, I was fortunate enough to participate with a few Ham operators providing communication support for the Kortie/Birkie ski races. More specifically, as it was my first time, I opted to only go up on Friday and help out. I was up there with Shane (KD9NJJ), who originally notified our group of the event, but we were in two different checkpoints.

There were reportedly 3000 skiers for this, the first race of the two. Apparently, skiers come from all over the world to participate in this set of races (probably favoring the one Saturday, which is twice as long). This one is 26km. There are 3 stops (mine was the first) separating the race into 6km segments (with one segment being 8km). At each stop, racers could grab a water (or energy drink) from a volunteer holding out cups, or they could stop and get a snack (fruit, cookies), do equipment maintenance, and/or just take a break.

Some racers would decide that 6km was the extent of what they wanted to race, and quit at that point. That’s where the amateur operators would come in: We would write down the racer’s “bib” number, and the reason they were calling it a day (fatigue, medical, or equipment). We would radio back to “net control” these reports, usually in batches, so that the race officials back at the finish line had a good idea of who was no longer going to be coming across the finish.

This was an excellent “first-timer” event to learn and practice radio skills in an applicable environment. It was a lot of fun, the weather was perfect (10° and clear). I’m planning to go for both Friday and Saturday races next year.

2022 Birkie/Kortie Race – Gravel Pit CheckpointRace site: https://www.birkie.com/ski/events/kortelopet/

Welcome to Isanti County Radio Club

Isanti County Radio Club (ICRC) welcomes all licensed and unlicensed individuals who are interested in ham radio to attend our meetings. We are an innovative ham club and welcome discussion at all levels. We are also eager to help those thinking about getting their license answer any questions and to help grow the ham community.

Club Frequencies

Club callsign:  W0ICR

2 Meter Isanti Repeater: 146.640 – pl tone 146.2
2 Meter Crown Repeater: 145.210 – pl tone 114.8
70 CM Isanti Repeater: 443.975 + pl tone 114.8
2 Meter Simplex: 146.420 Mhz

DMR – Brandmeister 3197173  “W0ICR”

Monthly Gathering

The monthly gathering will be at the Whistle Stop Bar and Grill inside Junction Bowl in Isanti. We meet the first Wednesday of each month.
123 Cajima St NE,
Isanti, MN 55040
We meet at about 5:30pm and order food/beverages.  We finish up around 8:00pm to be home in time for the net to start.

Weekly Net

The weekly net occurs every Wednesday beginning at 8:30pm on the Isanti 2 meter repeater at 146.640 MHz (–) pl tone 146.2 for a round of check-ins followed by a chance to reflect on the week’s goings on.  Following the repeater portion, we switch to simplex on 146.420 MHz.

We welcome all hams at any level and you do not need to be a member to call in.

If you are unable to attend the net but would still like to listen in you can listen on Twitch here:  https://www.twitch.tv/k0qei  Thank you Jim (K0QEI).

Please reach out if you have any questions to info@isantiradio.org

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