Welcome to Isanti County Radio Club

Isanti County Radio Club (ICRC) welcomes all licensed and unlicensed individuals who are interested in ham radio to attend our meetings. We are an innovative ham club and welcome discussion at all levels. We are also eager to help those thinking about getting their license answer any questions and to help grow the ham community.

Club Frequencies

Club callsign:  W0ICR

2 Meter Isanti Repeater: 146.640 – pl tone 146.2
2 Meter Crown Repeater: 145.210 – pl tone 114.8
70 CM Isanti FM Repeater: 443.975 + pl tone 114.8
Simplex MN ARES HV-ALPHA frequency of 147.525 MHZ

Isanti DMR Repeater R-443.86875 T-448.86875 CC3 Slot 1
DMR Talk Group – Isanti DMR – Brandmeister 3197173 “W0ICR”

Monthly Gathering

The monthly gathering will be at the Whistle Stop Bar and Grill inside Junction Bowl in Isanti. We meet the first Wednesday of each month.
123 Cajima St NE,
Isanti, MN 55040
We meet at about 5:30pm and order food/beverages.  We finish up around 8:00pm to be home in time for the net to start.

Weekly Net

The weekly net occurs every Wednesday beginning at 8:30pm on the Isanti 2 meter repeater at 146.640 MHz (–) pl tone 146.2 for a round of check-ins followed by a chance to reflect on the week’s goings on.  Following the repeater portion, we switch to Simplex  – MN ARES HV-ALPHA frequency of 147.525 MHZ

We welcome all hams at any level and you do not need to be a member to call in.

Please reach out if you have any questions to info@isantiradio.org

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