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Spliiter vs. Shared wire

If I have receivers only on an antenna, is a splitter going to be required or can I just connect two wires to the antenna lead?

I'm definitely new to this, so I'll defer to others that have more experience.

I was doing some reading on the interwebs this morning.  I had thought that, since you're talking about receiving only, a simple t-splitter (PL-259 x2, SO-259 x1) would be sufficient-- I would assume that's the rough equivalent of connecting antenna lead wires.  What my (early) research indicates:  it depends.  It seems that the radio that presents less impedance will get the lion's share of the signal.  With some radios, it might work just fine. You might also get interference from the other, non-isolated radio.

Here's a couple of videos I found on the subject: