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Demo'ing Radios at a Troop Meeting

I've been mulling this over for a while now, and I've set up some time next week to meet with the Scoutmaster of  Isanti Troop 523.  Aside from just catching up on old times, we're going to talk about the feasibility of setting up a time at an upcoming Troop meeting to introduce Scouts to radio concepts.  This would accomplish a couple of things, potentially:

  • make Scouts aware of the Radio merit badge
  • pique their interest in radios, in general
  • let them (and, potentially, their parents) know that amateur radio is a thing
  • raise awareness of the Club and our community service and involvement

Trent, the Scoutmaster himself, used to be a radio operator on subs in the Navy, and expressed his interest in what we do.

Possible activities/topics:

  • what kinds of radios available
  • a bit of history of radios
  • ranges of bands, propagation
  • activities: dx, contesting, field days
  • how radio operators can help the community
  • opportunity to talk on a set of radios (2m, GMRS, HF)
  • how to get started (GMRS, Ham)
  • Radio merit badge