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ARRL Training

The ARRL has set forth a standardized, three-level training program for ARES members.   The link to the Task Book PDF is [here].

Our goal is to have everyone reach level I training (including the optionals).  Our agreements with partner organizations require that we supply them with trained ARES volunteers, so this is not just a point of pride. The ARRL requirements for Level I are:


  • IS-100.c  Intro to the Incident Command System  [online]*
  • IS-700.b  Intro to the National Incident Management System  [online]*
  • SKYWARN - Spotter Basic Training (Biennially) **
  • EC-0001  ARRL Intro to Emergency Communications  [online]***


  • Obtain Task Book
  • Join an ARES Group


  • Obtain Technician class HAM license or higher


None of these requirements are rocket science.  Some of the training is arguably mind-numbing, but the concepts are important to internalize before an incident happens.


* online training is provided by FEMA.  You'll need to sign up for an ID at the site listed.

** local and regional training classes are available.  The ICRC has a member trainer, who will be setting up local classes.

*** online training is provided by the ARRL.  You'll need to register.

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